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Canvas Tent Cleaning

We specialise in cleaning canvas bell tents, safari tents and emperor tents for private owners and businesses. We also offer on-site cleaning for campsites, glamping operators and hospitality businesses.

Washing Canvas Tents

We have pieced together the latest industrial washing machines with a leading worldwide laundry expert to bring you the cutting edge in canvas cleaning.

Through our own research and development we have developed a washing process that uses carefully formulated products and bespoke programmes to tackle various degrees of soiling.

This enables us to wash most canvas bell tents, safari tents, emperor tents and pretty much anything made of fabric.

Canvas tent cleaning service
Cleaning safari tents, bell tents & emperor tents

Tent Cleaning for Campsites

Perfect for campsites looking to rejuvenate their tents ahead of a new season, our mobile teams tackle stains, mould and ingrained dirt, and then re-proof the tent with a waterproof/UV agent.

Our cleaning team are fully mobile, travelling to your site to commence the work, which includes both exterior and interior cleaning as well as any decking areas.

This cleaning and re-proofing service is ideally suited to larger and more permanent structures like safari tents.

Interior & Exterior Tent Cleaning

Our on-site canvas tent cleaning service will give your tents a new lease of life, both inside and out.

Exterior Tent Cleaning: During the procedure we wash the outer tents with specialist chemicals to reduce any staining/mould areas and ingrained dirt, and once completed we then re-proof with a waterproof and UV agent.

Interior Tent Cleaning: For the tent interiors we use high quality products to deep clean the flooring, furniture and any appliances, which produces sparkling results!

Tent cleaning service for Campsites

Tent Cleaning Examples

Below you will find some before and after photographs of our tent cleaning service. Simply drag the slider left and right to see the transformation.

Tent Cleaning Prices

Our price list shows our charges for the most common items. For items not listed or for any specialist enquiries, please contact us.

Item Price
3m Bell Tent £160
3m Bell Tent with sewn-in groundsheet £180
4m Bell Tent £170
4m Bell Tent with sewn-in groundsheet £190
5m Bell Tent £180
5m Bell Tent with sewn-in groundsheet £200
6m Bell Tent £190
6m Bell Tent with sewn-in groundsheet £210
7m Bell Tent £220
Item Price
Emperor Tent £220
Groundsheet from £50
Inner Tent from £50
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Buy a Bell Tent

Our sister company, Honeybells is currently selling some of their ex-hire bell tents. All in great condition, complete with pegs, poles, carry bag and free delivery! They sell out really quickly so don't hang around, grab yourself a bargain!

Ex-Hire Bell Tents for Sale
Ex-Hire Bell Tents for Sale

Got a Dirty Tent?

Spin Doctors clean bell tents, safari tents, awnings and just about anything made of fabric. Whether you need on-site tent cleaning for campsites or it's your own personal bell tent that needs a wash, we can help. Just get in touch.